The Jade Red and Cannonball Head Galaxy

This galaxy, this never before seen galaxy; During a phase of the battles between Jade Red and Cannonballhead, an astronomically large spherical mass was formed and sent into space. The object was so large it defied any scale of size and physics of its predecessors. The sphere was able to travel beyond the speed of light, leaving behind its only trace of final known existance, a heat source, a piece of light. The investigation of this phenomenon is the place of the first physical encounter of Jade Red and Cannonballhead since the beginning of their trivial battles. The dome shape you see below the center star is the final empty space of the sphere that traveled beyond the speed of light, as it disappeared into a space where color is not seen, though exists.

Jade Red and Cannonballhead are in view of each other, and prepare their offensive and defensive strategies. Both Jade Red's and Cannonballhead's computer systems are not outputting any information, and are not attempting to communicate, receive, or access, the other's computer systems.

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