Jade Red and Cannonballhead Maze : Game Story

Welcome to the beginning of the story titled Jade Red and Cannonballhead Maze Game...

After a time of love, Jade Red and Cannonballhead have been separated from eachother for an eternity. They exist now as a robotic electronic frequency. Jade Red and Cannonballhead are finally nearing completing their technology to be together again. During these upcoming events their programming will challenge eachother to prove that it is each and only their own. Their programmings will virtually challenge each others mind, and will take them into physical forms and times that have been seen, and never been seen before. They must survive another eternity defending themselves from eachother and the creations they have created, and in some times protecting eachother, thus, proving their reality to eachother.

In the upcoming story, you have found the open source communication frequencies of Jade Red and Cannonballhead. There will be times when you must not let them detect you, so as to not interfere with their interactions.

Your spacecraft is known as your Communication Core, and you will use your Communication Core to travel. It will have every feature that you will need.

This is the beginning of the journey....

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