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The coins, RGB values, red, green, and blue, are combined to create different color coins, and used as currency and treasure.

Visit the COLORS page to view unique color choices.  

(above) 7 colored crystals exist in the Jade Red and Cannonballhead system. One crystal exists in each zone, except the zone measuring positive (x, y, z). The size of each communication core is 1 cubic unit. The size of the colored crystals are 20x20X20 units (occupying 8,000 units each).

(above) A communication core carries a small drone satellite a 1/4 the size of the communication core. The communication core can use the drone satellite to explore while keeping the communication core's coordinate. The drone satellite can only travel vertically or horizontally in relation to the communication core. The drone satellite cannot travel diagonally. The communication core can send the drone satellite out a single direction and distance, and must return to the communication core before it can travel another distance or direction. The drone satellite can collect items, and can send images to the communication core. The communication core can only move while it is carrying your drone satellite. 

Jade Red and Cannonballhead
3 Dimensional Game Environment Information
This is the Jade Red and Cannonballhead headquarters game area. The game area is within a 412,530 x 412,530 x 412,530 unit section of the walls of the cloud formed by the Center Star Galaxy.  The cube at the top of the image in the distance is the Jade Red and Cannonballhead headquarters.  All coordinates are calculated from the Jade Red and Cannonballhead headquarters located at (0, 0, 0).  The top of the game area is not viewable in this image (above).  There is an X, Y, and Z axis.  Each axis has measurements from -206,265 to 206,265.  Movements along the positive Z axis are movements toward dark outer space.  Movement in the negative Y direction are movements toward the bright star galaxy at the bottom of the game area.  Movements along the negative (left side of image) and positive (right side of image) X axis are movements toward the sides of the cloud.  The image (above) is viewed from far along the negative Z axis towards the back of the cloud.  Coordinates along the positive Y axis will move you toward the top of the cloud.


Jade Red and Cannonballhead
Building Stars and Star Storage