Jade Red and Cannonballhead Board Game (In Development)

(Use mouse controls to drag and drop game piece images onto the game board)

RULES: (Version 1.3)

Try to get the opposing player's 'Communication Core' in a straight path between your 'Communication Core' and your 'Drone Satellite' from any distance apart (horizontally, vertically, or diagonally (towards, away, left, right,and diagonally)). A win cannot occur if the opposing players 'Drone Satellite' is also in the path. Use YOUR 'Drone Satellite' as a blocker between the opposing player's 'Communication Core' and their 'Drone Satellite'. Don't get caught between or move into the path between the opposing player's 'Communication Core' and 'Drone Satellite' or you will lose if your 'Drone Satellite' is not in that path with you.

Starting the game:
-Placing the 'Communication Cores':
--All 'Communication Cores' must be placed before placing the 'Drone Satellites'. To start, one player places a 'Communication Core' game piece anywhere on the board. Then the next player places a 'Communication Core' anywhere on the board. (NOTE: Second Player: Don't put your first move of your 'Communication Core' in a straight line path with your opponents 'Communication Core', you will lose if the first move of your opponent's 'Drone Satellite' puts you in between.)
-Placing the 'Drone Satellites':
--After all 'Communication Cores' have been placed on the board it is time to place the 'Drone Satellites'. The first player places a 'Drone Satellite' anywhere on the board. Finally the next player places a 'Drone Satellite' anywhere on the board.

Your main game piece is your 'Communication Core' (The larger image). Your 'Drone Satellite' is the smaller image. Your 'Communication Core' can move the ways a King piece can move in the game of chess (1 space at a time in any direction), the 'Communcation Core' cannot jump over nor land on a 'Drone Satellite' or a 'Communication Core'.

Your 'Drone Satellite' game piece is the smaller image. Your 'Drone Satellite' can move the ways a Queen piece can move in the game of chess (any distance in any direction). Your 'Drone Satellite' cannot jump over nor land on the opposing players 'Communication Core' or 'Drone Satellite'.

Your first move is with your 'Communication Core'

---(More Game Pieces not Shown on this Website)---

-- 'Blocker Asteroid': are used to keep your opponent from moving through or into a space occupied by your blocker asteroid. Your communication cores and drone satellites cannot pass through or land on your blockers asteroids. If your communication core or drone satellite is in a space next to your blocker asteroid in any direction you can use your move to swap places with that blocker asteroid. Blocker asteroids are placed into gameplay after the communication cores and drone satellites have been placed, and are placed one at a time at any time during gameplay, anywhere on the game board, you can have a maximum of four blocker asteroids. Blocker asteroids move one space at a time.

-- 'Hyper Drive Gate': Your warp gate can be kept off the game board until you are ready to place it into the game, and can be placed anywhere on the game board using one of your turns. You can also remove it from the game board using one of your turns. The 'warp gate' will allow your 'communication core' to move any distance in any single direction after it passes through the warp gate; when used the warp gate must be in the next square space in any direction of the communication core, and the communication core will continue to travel in that direction any distance. You can pass through as many of any blocker asteroids after passing through the warp gate. You can also use your opponent's 'warp gate' as the same function to travel, though you cannot control your opponent's 'Warp Gate' movement. If your warp gate is next to a space of an opponent's asteroid you can swap spaces with that asteroid and send that asteroid back to your opponent's hand off board. The warp gate can move one space when it's your turn.

--'Tractor Beam': The 'Tractor Beam' game piece allows you to move your opponents game piece to the space next to your 'Communication Core'. The 'Tractor Beam' game piece stays off of the board until it is brought into gameplay. The 'Tractor Beam' game piece requires two of your turns to use. To bring the 'Tractor Beam' into gameplay one of your turns is to place the Tractor Beam in a space in any direction next to your communication core (The next move is for your opponent). After your opponent has had their turn, now at any time when it is your turn in gameplay, if your Tractor Beam is in the next space of your 'Communication Core' and is in between your 'Communication Core' and your opponents 'Communication Core' you can move your opponent's 'Communication Core' into the space occupied by your Tractor Beam, then move your tractor beam back to your hand off of the board. The tractor beam can move one space at per player turn. The tractor beam can pull your opponents 'Communication Core' through any amount of game pieces.