Chapter 1 : InternetConnection


The search for an internet connection begins... Believe in the almighty Heavens. Believe in ghosts and spirits, the resurrection of the dead, and life everlasting. Believe in the almighty most powerful. Believe in all things visible and unseen, light from light. Believe in the spirits, the givers of life, and the life of the world to come.
  Take this cannon ball and this cannon ball (1+1=2), put them over there with the pile of 64 cannon ball shots. When these two cannon ball multipliers touch the pile it will double our supply to 128. Don't ask me yet the names of these two cannon ball multipliers.
  You set the two cannonball multipliers into the pile of 64 cannon balls. A spectacle of light and colors emits from the two unnamed cannon balls you laid, and suddenly you have doubled the cannon ball ammunition to 128. "We need to move out of range." Our supply is to low to risk any close encounters. "Plug those cannon balls into the capacitors for holding! Charge the shield capacitors!" By putting the cannon balls into holding for the capacitor it gives the ship some energy to supply to the outer space defense shield. The cannon balls are condensed into groups of 64, charged to assume a new color and placed into a shipping cylinder. You now have two defense shield cylinders. Jade Red and Cannonballhead already have a target lock on you, you need to move out of your firing range. You can endure a few shots now that you've loaded a couple shield capacitor barrels. Jade Red and Cannonballhead know how far your cannons can fire, they are accessing your computer systems and moving you out of range. You've lost visual of Jade Red and Cannonballhead. Your ship coasts to a stop at its new coordinate. "Save this coordinate it might be important!", the crew discusses amongst each other. "Move all families into safety quarters. Move all babies into safe cubbies. Move all the elderly to bed rest and shuffle board." "I can't find my sock!", says an orange pilot... another pilot looking stunned. "Look in the laundry facilities!" Luckily sometimes socks fall out of the laundry and are placed into a 'lost laundry pile'. "I found it!" This is not any ordinary sock, this is YOUR lucky sock, and luckily you found it. There are 64 unnamed cannon balls per each capacitor barrel. You have two capacitor barrels. There is a machine that allows you to convert your capacitor barrels to cannon balls. You can place two barrels into the machine and receive 128 cannon balls anytime. Remember, it's only two barrels at a time per convergence. What to do with 2 barrels of shield capacitor, or 128 cannon balls... Hmmmm... That's a good start...

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