e-mail: Write to to give your ideas, suggestions, things you'd like to see, requests, questions...etc.. Use the words Jade Red and Cannonball Head as part of the e-mail subject title or in the message.

If you want to join the game, send an e-mail to
Title the e-mail subject Jade Red and Cannonball Head.
In the e-mail write that you want to join the game.
The player name you want. (The Communication Core is your game piece)
Pick any color, except black, to be your communication core color (can be color name or color code).
And pick 3 numbers to create your XYZ coordinate. Current range is from -1,530 to 1,530. You'll need three numbers, a # for X, a # for Y, and a # for Z.
Nothing much to do after that, this is the board game style. Your player name will be seen in the player board. Just sit back and enjoy your communication core out in space
and visit the website to see Jade Red's and Cannonball Head's always changing coordinates. Contact through e-mail to change your player name, coordinates, or color any time.

Thanks for playing,
Phillip Macias (PhilsThinkerBox)