Jade Red and Cannonballhead Game Instructions

Jade Red and Cannonballhead Game Developments

Game Instructions:

Jade Red and Cannonballhead are developing a three dimensional distance calculator to solve for the distance between 2 coordinates of an XYZ 3 dimensional axis. The calculator will be created using HTML(Hypertext Markup Language), Cascade Style Sheets, and JavaScript programming language. You can use this version of the Jade Red and Cannonball Head calculator here(below), as it is in version 0.3.5 of development.

The calculator seen below is version 0.3.5..Jade Red and Cannonball Head XYZ Axis Coordinates Distance Calculator Calculator version 0.3.5

distance = √((x1 - x2)2 + (y1 - y2)2 + (z1 - z2)2)

Enter the players coordinates (then proceed to step 1):

First Players Coordinates = (x1, y1, z1) = (, , )
Second Players Coordinates = (x2, y2, z2) = (, , )

4 steps to solve:

1) (The coordinates you entered above for the players are now shown in the equation here in step 1)
Click each red, green, and blue subtraction equation buttons to show an answer and a color,
then place each answer into the matching color boxes of step 2.

distance = √(( - )2 + ( - )2 + ( - )2)

2) Place your answers from step 1 into their matching color equation boxes here in step 2. Then press each limegreen (x-x)² equation button to give the answer to the limegreen boxes. When the answers show in all the lime colored answer boxes proceed to step 3.
distance = √

= )

3) After you have answers in each lime colored box you can press this button (place this orange color answer into the orange and purple boxes of step 4)

distance = √() ((Orange Box)=This is your answer written as a square root (you'll need to simplify square root answers when necessary [example: √12 is the same as 2√3. √6 is not the same as 2√3.]

√ () (Click this button to use the √(square root) function)
distance = The square root of your number = (this is your answer as a number)

Jade Red's and Cannonball Head's axis ranges:
X minimum 0 and maximum 239.
Y minimum 0 and maximum 240. Z minimum 0 and maximum 240.
New coordinates for Jade Red and Cannonball Head are generated each time this page is visited.
Players axis ranges are from -206265 to 206265.
Jade Red's and Cannonball Head's locations on:
and milliseconds
(The digital time display is stopped time in 24 hour format; hours:minutes:seconds)
Use the XYZ coordinates as Hue, Saturation, and Luminosity settings in the RGB color calculator to see the color location of Jade Red and Cannonball Head as they are collecting colors for coins.
Click this box to use the RGB calculator: Go to the W3Schools.com color picker to learn more about the color.
Jade Red
Infrared Coins Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet
0 0 0 0
  Click this button to reload this page; You will see an updated instance of the coin count and also create the new coordinates for Jade Red and Cannonball Head.
The coin count starts at 0 every 24 hours starting at midnight.
60 red      = 1 Infrared coin //occurs every hour
60 orange   = 1 red      //occurs every minute
1000 yellow = 1 orange   //occurs every second
100 green   = 100 yellow //occurs every .1 of a second
10 blue     = 1 green    //occurs every .01 of a second
10 indigo   = 1 blue     //occurs every .001 of a second
10 violet   = 1 indigo   //occurs every .0001 of a second
Ultraviolet Coin = 1 violet   //occurs every .00001 of a second

The Infrared Coins created by Jade Red and Cannonball Head are divided equally to the amount of players, so that the total number of Infrared Coins that were collected is equal to the amount of JC coins that the each player will have; After an Infrared Coin is divided the coin is known as a JC coin; the result is the player owning the same amount of JC coins as there are Infrared coins.
 To find the value of JC coins: Use the amount of Infrared Coins collected(see table chart above), and divide it with the total amount of players.
Infrared Coins ÷ Amount of Players

Players Communication Core Color X Y Z Ghost Coordinate
Computer White RGB(255,255,255)
Computer Red RGB(255,0,0) -500 300 400 (-50, 100, 150)
Computer Orange RGB(255,165,0) -500 300 -400
Computer Yellow RGB(255,255,0) 500 300 -400
Computer Green RGB(255,128,0) 500 -300 400
Computer Blue RGB(0,0,255) -500 -300 400
Computer Indigo RGB(75,0,130) -500 -300 -400
Computer Violet RGB(238,130,238) 500 -300 -400
XYZ axis minimums and maximums -206265 to 206265

Top Speed = 3,437 units/sec

To solve for the amount of time to travel a known distance use this equation: Distance/Rate=Time
Distance (units) ÷ Rate of Speed (units per second) = Time


Colors flying around in this home page: CannonballHead in his #323232, Maroon #800000, #900020, Brown #a52a2a, Red #ff0000, Tomato #ff6347, Orange #ffa050, Gold #ffd700, Yellow #ffff00, JadeRed in her olive color #808000, Green #008000, Lime #00ff00, Lightgreen #90ee90, Aqua/Cyan #00ffff, Turquoise #40e0d0, DodgerBlue #1e90ff, Teal #40e0d0, Blue #0000ff, Indigo #4b0082, Purple #800080, Fuchsia/Magenta #ff00ff, #c060a6, Violet #ee82ee, Pink #ffc0cb, White #ffffff


Pass Code Lock Simulator Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) (copy and paste)


(Note: As in real dice, after a dice is clicked a second time, the same number can occur again.)

(Know Before You Fly is an education campaign founded by the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) and the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) in partnership with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to educate prospective users about the safe and responsible operation of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS).)