Thursday, April 19, 2018

Jade Red and Cannonball Head

Jade Red and Cannonball Head

Black Jack Multiple Decks Practice
(You can play the 1 as a 1 or an 11)
(click cards to reveal their value)
(Dealer Hand)
(Your Hand)
1= Spade    2= Heart    3= Diamond    4= Club

(A thin colored border appears around the dice after it is clicked. As in real dice, the same number might appear a second time on the same dice after it is clicked a second time.)

Colors driving around this home page: CannonballHead in his #323232, Maroon #800000, Brown #a52a2a, Red #ff0000, Tomato #ff6347, Orange #ffa050, Yellow #ffff00, JadeRed in her olive color #808000, Green #008000, Lime #00ff00, Lightgreen #90ee90, Aqua/Cyan #00ffff, Teal #008080, DodgerBlue #1e90ff, Blue #0000ff, Indigo #4b0082, Purple #800080, Fuchsia/Magenta #ff00ff, Violet #ee82ee, Pink #ffc0cb, White #ffffff

Jade Red's and Cannonball Head's axis ranges:
X minimum 0 and maximum 239.
Y minimum 0 and maximum 240. Z minimum 0 and maximum 240.
New coordinates are generated each time this page is visited.
Jade Red's and Cannonball Head's locations on:
and milliseconds
(The digital time display is stopped time in 24 hour format; hours:minutes:seconds)
Use the XYZ coordinates as Hue, Saturation, and Luminosity settings in the RGB color calculator to see the color location of Jade Red and Cannonball Head as they are collecting colors for coins.
Click this box to use the RGB calculator: Go to the color picker to learn more about the color.
Jade Red
Cannonball Head
Infrared Coins Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet
0 0 0 0
     Click this button to reload this page to see a new instance of the coin count and also create the new coordinates for Jade Red and Cannonball Head.
The coin count starts at 0 every 24 hours starting at midnight.
60 red      = 1 Infrared coin //occurs every 60 minutes
60 orange   = 1 red      //occurs every 60 seconds
1000 yellow = 1 orange   //occurs every 1 second
100 green   = 100 yellow //occurs every .1
10 blue     = 1 green    //occurs every .01 seconds
10 indigo   = 1 blue     //occurs every .001 seconds
10 violet   = 1 indigo   //occurs every .0001 seconds
Ultraviolet Coin = 1 violet   //occurs every .00001 seconds